Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013 and news

Happy New Year, Sardine Eaters! December was a busy month, from the birth of my new beautiful baby daughter to all the family holiday feasts that continued up past January (every fowl and four-legged beast imaginable, consumed), so no sardines were blogged about. Among the traditional Southern New Years' foods, did you remember to eat your New Years Sardines for a good harvest? Here are a few of the assortment I will try and blog about this year; some I'm excited to try and others not so much. A thank you to the sardine eaters who sent me tins of sardines to try out and the two cups of sardine pâté. I'll also be revisiting Beach Cliff, now that they are no longer produced in America. There will also be a  Sardine-off between America and Canada Beach Cliff tins.

In other news, "Mouth Full of Sardines" had a spot in Put an Egg on It   .#6 Check them out sardine eaters and enjoy more photos of Sardines. Any magazine that publishes about Sardines is always worth checking out!

Sardine reviews will commence shortly. So put down that greasy fried food, and let's pop a tin!