Sardine Poetry


Sardine, sardine, you have become part of my daily routine
Jar, tin, or can, I'll always be your number one fan
In oil, tomato or spice you are all are equally nice
From France, Portugal, Morocco, Norway, Spain
All have that taste that drive me insane
Sardine, sardine, you have become part of my daily routine

-Daniel Kreindler

Envelope of steel
Palming just delicate flesh
With or without bone


 A can of sardines with white or wheat.

Nothing can beat this tasty treat.

-Stuart Johnson

 "Vaccine! VACCINE!" they scream.
I just want to eat me savory sardines.
preteen, thirteen, oh.. my first can of sardines

Now I'm quarantined, with a cuisine of sardines.
Oh my sardines.
They're fit for a queen, pristine, and even packed with protein.
I'll take a canteen with a side of caffeine
Dream of a king as I snack on me sardines..


 No need for silverware
Nor fancy dishes
Just a stack of crackers

And a tin of little fishes

Whole wheat crackers
Or plain old saltines
Nothing tastes better
Than a can of sardines

-Bob Correll

 Sardines and saltines,
when quaffed on a boat
with Martini

may lead to bloat.
Alas! drunk at sea,
may need to pee.
So sing a dirge for little fishes
which taste so delicious.

-Johanna Kirwin LaChance


Meet me
Come greet me
On holiday
In the shade
At the place
Our sweet bench
Among sage
And warm stone
Where breeze sways
And zither plays
Where we... hush...

Call me
Come to me!
I can't follow dream
I can't follow sky
You must write!
Become my wife!
Where shade waves
With song
With light
Across your lips
(Our soul)
As we... hush...

Trees brush...
Leaves whisper song...
Lips sing along...

Most beautiful nose
Most gorgeous lips
(Coral, grey, glistening)
The holiest cheeks
Our queen of radiant breath!
In our shade
The zither plays
Lanterns sway
And the sweet pair kiss
On holiday

Come, sing our song!
Closer, sing along, your song of lips again
Leaves wonder at her lungs, their breath more fragrant than ours
Call to lavender
To sage
To spread their perfume through the shade
(Don't forget sun and stone, on all paths of holiday make your scent known)
Lo, they shift close again...

I bring my best tin
Gift for my queen
Slid from my sleeve
Silver, shimmering
Share with me
Beneath the trees
In the shade
On holiday...

The rest of the world is away...
A world of whispers away...
(Zither lulls the birds today)
Eat of my tin
Spiced oil is fragrance for a queen
The best portion
I lift to your lips
(Each flake of silver is best)
(In scholar's chopsticks)
Break the chili in two
For one soul to consume
From me
So lovely
Glittering fish in our mouth
Life-giving health
(Strange to see)
(Perfumed breath of sea)
(In a garden breeze)
(In the hushing trees)
Take my health with yours
Take again
My breath with yours
Perfumed with salt and sea
So close
Share my life with yours...
Sharing, we share the sea, or something so wide within our soul (within the eyes that wonder at me)
One life
With tins
Will be ours...
Scholar and Queen
Souls of the same tin
(With the life that waits within)
Take the last fish
Queens voice needs sustenance...
Now gift of gifts awaits...
Drink the tin
Oil blesses our lips
Take the last sip
Take from me
My touch
(My queen)
(So close to me)
(Nearly me)
Our fingers meet as we drink the tin
Brush again
(She's laughing)
(Tremendous tin!)
(Tremendous lungs!)
(That only His gift could give)
What light in the shade!
Her joy is fadeless!
Thank you trees
Who wave over gift of 'dines!
Who bless our souls, and bless our fish -- happy holiday to you! May you each find your semblable soul, in a tin, or where a tree finds friends (only don't yet wave the swallows home, keep the shade for two alone)
Trees that wave with song of holiday know
None greater than song of queen!
(Hoh hoh hoh)
(Marry me)
(Oh marry me!)
We hush
To clean up
Hearts like quiet leaves

We leave the trees
To bright sun
Stroll the garden
To end
One tin of memory

With queen of tins
Holiday begins again!

- Sardine Scholar.

Sardine la' Earleen
I once knew a sardine
A pretty little flipper, flounder of a fish
She went by the name Earleen
Earleen was in and out of streams
back and forth from salt tp sea
She was a free and darling girl of scaled dreams
Now my sardine woman, Earleen, she knew
Less honorable sardines who packed in groups
They went here and there
Bullies of the deep
So she lead them one by one
Into the fisherman's pond keep
He threw down his line
She danced and dared
With that the dark sardine group
raged and flared
Bit at the bit
Swallowed then tried to spit
But pretty little Earleen
Hooked them with her tricks!!!
Fisherman good, fisherman bad
His hook they took
Now into a can
We serve you the meat
Of the sea that tastes
Like pretty Earleen
has won a great race!!!
Sardine, sardine
Earleen the fish
Blesses this package
Of yummy little bits!!!

-Heather D'Aoust, California

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I Found A Can In My Van 

Amid other randomness
It was an old, rusty can, man
found in Texas, I guess Shannon? 
dropped near a barbed wire fence
on cracked, weedy cement
My tracker eye said it was lost
By a gamey, footloose spirit 
exploring the fallen gas station nearby
A spirit like me, who has eaten many a can
OF SARDINES, all over my planet
It (the can, not the planet) lay in sun and rain and aged well
Took on a dark orange patina
At the crust of its original blood red
An antique fish 
Whispered "Eat Me" with its eye  
I have eaten many a can...
I have eaten many a can...
I have eaten many a can in Afghanistan
That which does not kill me..
That which does not kill me...
Becomes my (expletive) lunch 
Get my face all up in it
It was still good, and warm tomatoey 
It was like eating some sunny warmth
of my red, rusty van 
In this spot, extra alive this moment 
On Planet Earth 
                    -John Hoff

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