Monday, July 26, 2021

A Fish What...


A fish tale!

Sardines, drinks, friends, and fish tales go hand in fin! 

Many of the blogs older Sardine Eaters are aware of the fish tales that go into some posts from time to time. 

For the newer Sardine Eaters, I'll explain a bit. 

In a review, I may post apparent wrong descriptions; the number of fish in the tin will be significantly exaggerated more or less, apparent sauces mix up. e.g., tomato, call it olive oil (I never fish tale about quality or taste). When I'm called on or questioned about the very obvious, the sharp-eyed Sardine Eater receives a tin and sticker.

It's been several years since I've done a fish tale of the sorts; the last fish tale was about Sardine lungs! 

I've carried the fish tale over to social media for the first time. What a response I received. Some were quick on the draw; older readers called me on it quick, even sending screenshots of my own blog. I love the passion of Sardine Eaters! 

For the Sardine Eaters not on social media, here's the fish tale.

While canneries do package their tinned fish for other labels, they usually change and or tweak the ingredients a bit. A Brand as Nuri from Conservas Pinhas will not use their brand name for an export with such discrepancies. A label change is all that's occurred. When I first reviewed Nuri in 2014, I received the tins from "Portuguese is Happiness." The old labels and nutrition values were on them then. 

Not all canneries; some commercial canneries will can sardines/products in mass quantity then add a label later. I've been approached many times over the years by said canneries to do a Mouth Full of Sardine label. If I did that, I have a feeling Sardine Eaters from all over would find me and hurl those generic cans at me! But that's another post! 

Congratulations to the sharp-eyed, skeptical, and curious Sardine Eaters that reached out. You'll be receiving a tin and stickers shortly. 

Remember Sardine Eaters, with the uprise in Sardine popularity, new Sardine Eaters, sardine bloggers, reviewers, YouTubers, tiktokers, etc. Research all that you read and see, and most importantly, the taste is subjective! Don't not try a tin, based on someone else's opinion; trying new tins is what being a Sardine Eater is all about! Plus, it gives you great stories to tell, for better or worse!

And most importantly, they're tuna eaters out there pretending to be Sardine Eaters!

Keep popping those tins!

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