Monday, March 22, 2021

Season Brand Sardine Salad Kit


Season Brand: Sweet & Spicy


Five crackers to the box. The sweet and spicy aroma hits you hard when opening can. A sweet flavor hits you on first taste, with a subtle heat that appears shortly after. A dry fish salad. No strong aftertaste or fishy taste. A decent can, My daughters finished the can off before I could. An eight and 11-year-old both enjoyed this can. I would eat again.



An odd taste on the first bite. Black pepper dominates any flavor this can may offer, with Oregano beating on the door. Both are powerful and make a bad combination. This can is two times spicier than the Sweet and spicy can. It tastes like a cleaning agent smell—six crackers to the tin. 


This is my second time eating the Mediterranean variety. The first kit I ate had only four crackers; the salad was much better, the ingredients were evenly distributed in the can. Had I had the second box first, I'd never try another. The problem with ingredients like this in a salad is always a quality control issue. I wished I had kept the box to compare the lot numbers. The two boxes were night and day in quality, from the crackers to the mishap of spices added to the can. The season needs to look into quality control at the plant. 

I would take the gamble and eat again. 



A faint lemon aroma upon opening the can. Veggies are visible and intact. A refreshing salad, I'm impressed, not too dry; no strong or lingering aftertaste—five crackers to the box. I would and will eat again. 

They come with their little collapsible spoons

Being on the dry side, the sardine crumble does have issues staying on the cracker.

Black pepper and Oregano spill in plant 17! 

My daughter was a fan of the Sweet & Spicy.

Box says six crackers. Average was 4-5

Grace- 205







Sardines, Sunflower Oil, JalepeƱo Peppers, Salt, Natural Flavors

A very faint, almost undetectable pepper aroma upon opening. Two large fish to the tin. Several peppers scattered atop the fish. A medium textured fish, on the softer side of medium. A meaty fish, an excellent, even heat throughout the fish. No fishy taste or after, just a lingering, subtle warmth. Not a spiny fish because all the bones have been removed! A clean-tasting oil, not bitter nor sour. A decent tin of fish, I would eat again. 3 1\2 Sardines. 

King Oscar Sardines, Tuna Assassin


October 2018, Hagoromo foods collaborated with Golgo 13 for a Sardine campaign.

(I've never heard of Golgo 13 until I received this tin. Ahh, the world sardines opens for us.)

Why Golgo 13? It's said "Sardine" sounds similar to the English word "13" in Japanese. After discussing this with my two expert Japanese translators, Siri and Alexa, I could not find the similarity. 

So why collaborate with the world's greatest international assassin!? 
Perhaps it goes deeper than any of us realize! Could they be telling us that King Oscar will assassinate the canned tuna industry!? That the lowly humbled tinned-sardine will once again rule king of the land again before that fish soup in a can called tuna moved in with all those tuna eaters!? One can only speculate over a tin of Sardines! 

Each tin comes with a little recipe/serving suggestion booklet.

There are three different labels for this champagne, all containing soybean oil. Before you, soybean haters begin turning your noses up and casting empty tins at me. I assure you this is good quality, in taste and balances out these little fish. 

Rifle case with all three label varieties was released November, 1st 2018

If you think they couldn't top this killer collaboration and the rifle case (which would make you instant international "Sardine Assasin)

The campaign opened a bar! Yes, a bar! Alcohol and Sardines! The Sardine bars ran at twenty Hibya bar locations in Tokyo from Nov. 1st through Nov. 30th

The bars featured special drinks, Sardine dishes, and you could purchase the specially packaged Sardines on site. 

There was also a " Bar Golgo"  website in which Golgo portrayed a bartender; the site featured 13 dishes, recipes with pairing alcohol!

It sounds like a bar; I'd like to have a regular stool at it! I would become the "Norm Peterson" of the Sardine bar! 

(That's a Cheer's reference for you younger Sardine Eaters)

Regular King Oscar packaging available in Japan

It seems the first collaboration campaign was such a success that they went and did another at the top of the Covid crisis. 

Char Aznable of  "Mobil suit Gundam."  (Once again, first time of hearing of this anime? Comic? Show?)  

This campaign started on May 14th, 2020. With also three different covers, and in Soybean oil. A website was set up with videos and Sardine recipes. 

The kicker, they called them "Char-dines." Ah, such is a good Sardine pun. 

It would seem, Charaznable from the 40-year old mecha anima is also a villain!
Once again, what does King Oscar have up his royal sleeve!?

I was informed these were vast sellers on Amazon Japan; they even became the number one, top-selling item in the canned food category. 

It could also have been because of Covid too. Covid has made a whole new crop of new Sardine Eaters 

Covid has turned the world into a Sardine playground, new Sardine Eaters, Sardine Reviewers, Sardine Snobs, Sardine Everything; has popped up over the last year! Will this new crew last? Are they Tuna eaters in disguise!? But that's another post! 

Keep popping those Tins, Sardine Eaters! 

I love the posters for this Campaign 

He even has a fork!!!!