Saturday, November 24, 2012

National Sardines Day

Happy National Sardines Day, all you Sardine eaters!
So what will you do today to celebrate National Sardines Day? Will you eat your favorite tin, or venture into unknown territories with a new tin? Perhaps sit around drinking a cold one while playing spoons and drumming on empty tins. 

Unfortunately, I have to work on National sardines Day, 16-hour shifts at the hospital this weekend. So to celebrate, today I made several dishes. My first was Sardines on toast, with a special sauce.

 Then for breakfast, was Sardines, on a bed of rice topped off with an egg. 

                                               And then for the road was Sardines in a blanket.

All were interesting and yet very different. The brand I celebrated with today was "Adriatic Sun." To finish off National Sardines Day, I will eat a plain tin with crackers tonight.

 I'm still a believer that sardines are best just straight from the tin. So whatever you do today, I hope it's a good tin you have decided to pop!


  1. Great photos! This inspired me to go out and purchase a can of Reese.

  2. Thank you for your post! (love the idea of Sardines in a Blanket) the Keep spreading the word :)

    1. Thank you,Meg. I checked out your blog, love it. I just ordered a tin of Cannery Row Sardines;I look forward to trying them.

    2. Hi Drew! Hope your Holidays were great...thank you for trying our little fishies ;) Have a wonderful 2013!

    3. Thank you, I look forward to trying them!

  3. Okay, that's it. Sardines in a blanket, I have to try. XD