Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I received this package from Tokyo. All I was told, was  "Japanese traditional food, kelp and young sardines with Japanese pepper" The package pic is very appealing. ( as most package photo's of content are)

They are sealed in a pouch within the box, some nice fisherman art on the pouch

There was no strong odor upon opening. This burrito shaped, wet, black mass slides out of the pouch. My first thought, a wad of chewing tobacco. I'm thinking, a sardine burrito, they must be inside the mass of kelp..

No hidden succulent baby sardines as I had imagined, just these little wiry looking pieces of fish? and pepper corn
A very deep, sweet tasting mixture,almost a brandy licorice combo; no dead ocean taste. Fish, is hardly even detectable. A good textured product, smooth. After eating a bit of it, the dry sweetness becomes a tad much. Left my mouth very dry. Cooked up some rice to finish this dish off. 

(Public Service Announcement)
wooden chopsticks are hard on salamanders by destroying their habitats. Please use reusable chopsticks. Check out this site for more details.   Chopsticks for salamanders

This was very different from the sardines we have grew up loving in a tin. I would eat these again, should I ever cross paths with a supplier. 

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