Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years 2015

Happy New Year Sardine Eaters! Did any of you Sardine Eaters do any Sardine traditions? Eat a late night tin or perhaps had a tin as hangover food? 

 Instead of eating dried sardines for prosperity as is traditional in Japan, I ate some grilled sardines crusted in sea salt. Still wanting to pay homage to the Japanese tradition,however, I picked up a bottle of sake to compliment the fish. 

Two bottles may be needed next year since I went through a bottle while the fish were cooking, leaving me to add ale to my Sardine lunch. 

Wishing everyone a great 2015 full of great tinned sardines! Off to open a tin now! Keep popping those tins!


  1. Happy New Year! I love this blog. Right now I'm eating a tin of StarKist Gourmet Selects Sardines in Tuscan Style Tomato Sauce. Very tasty!

    1. Thank you! The Tuscan Style is very good! Keep popping those tins!