Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sorry Charlie

"Sorry, Charlie." That phrase still takes me back to my childhood, when cartoons only aired on Saturday mornings or holiday specials, and to catch even a cartoon commercial was something I loved to see. I have fond memories of my mom opening up that can of tuna with Charlie on it. My mom was the tuna eater, and my father was the Sardine eater. Today, when you see Charlie on a can or hear StarKist, tuna is the first thing that pops to mind. Now, when I hear StarKist, I think about Sardines (naturally). Their new line of Skinless Boneless sardines is mighty tasty. I'm a fan of the Tuscan style, personally.

I know you sardine purists are shaking your head this very moment at "Skinless and Boneless sardines." You may even be shouting sacrilege to the dignity of tinned WHOLE sardines. I view Skinless Boneless Sardines as the training wheels of sardines to future Sardine Eaters, even a gateway sardine, you could say. I've turned many Non-Sardine eaters onto sardines by giving and suggesting these exact fish. (Bones seem to scare most people, especially lifelong Tuna eaters. But that's another post)

StarKist Is running a "Summer Photo Sweepstakes" called  Charlie On The GoI only discovered this maybe a week ago. While reading over the rules, it states that it can be any StarKist product. I have plenty of their Sardines on hand, so I submitted photos. After submission, I looked at all the previous submissions. ALL TUNA! Not a Sardine represented anywhere! I won one of the daily selections and received free swag. It arrived today. 
Swag Pack: Charlie Raft, "Sorry Charlie" T-Shirt, StarKist earbuds, StarKist baseball cap, And 2 free product vouchers.

Sardine Eaters, as I often do, here's a heads up on how you can win free swag! Check out this link for more details. Charlie On The Go The only Sardine shots I've seen of late is what I've submitted.

Submit some Sardine shots, and show those Tuna eaters that Sardine eaters are here! As always, submit your sardine shots here and receive a Sardine Eater Decal! Keep Popping Those Tins!

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